A picture of the work studio

Fridays 5x1 day 10am-4pm

Cost of Course = £200

Using simple techniques you can make jewellery you love.

Classes are organised in an organic way with people working on their own individual ideas with mini demonstrations of techniques. People progress in their own way, having the opportunity to see what others are making plus talks and discussions with other jewellery makers.

Bring along your ideas and Sara will help you make it work or bring out ideas you may not have considered or suggest other ideas. Over five days you can work on a more ambitious project that might take several weeks to complete or several peices each made in a day.

During each set there will be a number of demonstrations showing various techniques for example, reticulation - a texture on silver, roller printing, making a setting for a stone, setting a stone, etching, simple PMC (precious metal clay), cast in silver using cuttle fish found on the beach, use different ways of making cold connections like tabs and rivets. We work together to go where you want to go.

For more information or to reserve a place please contact Sara.